Best Paying Hospitals in California for Nurse Practitioners in 2022 | Nurses to riches (2023)


I made a video showing the cities with the highest paid nurses in California, but now it's time to tackle the HOSPITALS with the highest paid nurses in California.

Over the past year and a half I have spent countless hours collecting and reviewing union contracts in hopes of creating a comprehensive wage schedule for those of you who want to work in California.

In this video, I'll walk you through the spreadsheet to show you how to filter the results in it by hourly, weekly, and annual salary, taking into account years of experience and other differences.

Finally, I'll show you how salaries compare among the highest paying hospitals in California and how it's possible to make $311,719 a year as a registered nurse in California with no overtime.

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What's up guys, my name is Jason.

I have been a nurse for nine years and Monica has been a nurse for eight years.

We currently work at kaiser permanent where I make 96 an hour as a nurse and Monica makes 118 dollars as a day care worker.

I spent the last year creating the ultimate spreadsheet of data collected from the highest paying hospital and university union contracts in California.

In this video I will show you how it is possible for nurses in California to earn up to three hundred eleven thousand seven hundred nineteen dollars a year without overtime? So if you are interested in this topic and want to be the highest paid nurse in all of California make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to this channel and let's go to the video shall we? Okay, let me show you how to access the spreadsheet by going to our website from the home page, you'll click on the store link from your browser.

We currently have three worksheets, and the first one is what I'm going to discuss today in this video, so go ahead and click on the first worksheet.

On this page of this page I give a description of what this spreadsheet is for and if you are interested in buying it you can buy it now or add it to your cart and there is a video on the product page.

This will show you how to use the spreadsheet and the best thing about the spreadsheet is that you can access it through Google Sheets on your mobile device on your desktop or laptop and now it's time to show you the highest paying hospitals in California in this worksheet. will be able to filter your salary by hourly, weekly and annual rate.

As you can see here, we have currently chosen hourly billing, but you have three other options.

In addition to the hourly price, you can also see your weekly or annual rate.

You can then also filter your results by working hours per week based on many years of experience. The drop-down list you will see ranges from zero, which is a new rating position, to 30 years of experience.

So here we have the type of position that you might be interested in working for, for example, here we have a basic, privileged position.

We also have an evening shift, a night shift, a weekend evening, a weekend, an overnight shift, a day shift, an afternoon shift and a day shift.

So let me give you an example of what an hourly rate would look like based on five years of experience.

First, make sure you've chosen an hourly rate.

Your working hours per week must remain empty.

So if you've chosen a number here, you won't get the data because you're only interested in the hourly rate.

You don't want to include the hours you worked per week, so you click on this box here, and you just double-click on it and delete it, hit enter, and now your timesheets will populate again.

Let's pick one with five years of experience, and you'll quickly be able to see an hourly rate with five years of experience at any of these California hospitals.

Some of these hospitals listed here, such as UC Berkeley, are actually affiliated with a university, so you would be a nurse working for a university instead of a hospital because some of the universities in California do not have a hospital affiliated with them.

So as you can see here, the highest paying hospital for a nurse who enjoys five years of experience will be $92 an hour at UCSF.

The second biggest pain will be el camino at 90 per hour and the third biggest pain will be North Kaiser at 84 per hour.

Now let's say a nurse like me who works night shift with five years of experience.

My hourly rate at kaiser permanent will be $92 an hour.

But if any of you have seen my previous videos, you would know that I am rn3.

That means I'm making 5 more than rn2, which is the rn position given in this worksheet.

Now let's look at an example of what Monica's salary would look like.

Monica is a daycare worker and is at level five, although she has eight years of experience, when we came to Kaiser they only gave us one year of experience for every two years of experience we had. step.

With five or five years of experience in the kaiser system, Monica would earn $118 an hour at kaiser permanent as a day nurse at night.

But if Monica was a nurse in El Camino, she would make $134 an hour.

Now let's see what it looks like when you enter the number of hours you want to work, let's say Monica chooses to work 36 hours per week.

How much would Monica earn if she did that? Well if you choose 36 remember you have to change the price weekly or yearly to find out what your salary will be based on the number of hours you choose to work per week so on a weekly basis at kaiser permanent Monica she will earn four thousand two hundred and fifty two dollars a week.

If she worked 36 hours a week as a salaried night shift nurse and you want to know what her annual income would be, just go to the dropdown list and select a percentage per hour. year.

In this scenario, Monica would make two hundred and twenty thousand and ninety three dollars a year, and as you can see again here, el Camino would be the highest paying hospital on the list, followed by UCSF and Stanford.

But let's see what happens when you cross the number of years of experience as well as being a night shift nurse, there you have it guys.

If you are a nurse in El Camino, you will make three hundred eleven thousand seven hundred nineteen dollars a year working 40 hours a week as a day shift nurse with 30 years of experience.

This does not include overtime and you can see here that ucsf and stanford are almost equal on this list.

But let's see what happens if you are a night shift nurse with 30 years of experience.

Take a look at it.

If you are a nurse working 40 hours a week with 30 years of night shift experience you can make over 225k at kaiser permanente and if you work at el camino or ucsf you can easily make a quarter of a million dollars a year with no overtime .

By now you probably have an idea of ​​which hospital you want to work at, but your pace shouldn't be the only driving factor, because at the end of the day, the cost of living and the crime rate in the area also matter.

That's why you should watch our video about the cities with the highest paying nurses.

Per California, taking cost of living and crime into account.


What city in California pays the most for nurse practitioners? ›

7. What are the 5 highest paying cities for Nurse Practitioners in California?
RankCityAverage Annual Salary
1San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara$199,630
2San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA$190,070
3Napa, CA$189,190
4Vallejo-Fairfield, CA$180,990
2 more rows

Where do nurse practitioners get paid the most? ›

  1. 1. California. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, California is the highest paying state for nurse practitioners. ...
  2. New Jersey. ...
  3. Washington. ...
  4. New York. ...
  5. Massachusetts. ...
  6. Nevada. ...
  7. Minnesota. ...
  8. Wyoming.

What do the top 10% of nurse practitioners make? ›

10 Highest Paid Nurse Practitioner Specialties in 2022
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) – $202,514.
  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner – $132,112.
  • Emergency Nurse Practitioner – $126,019.
  • Cardiac Nurse Practitioner – $121,163.
  • Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner – $120,263.
  • Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner – $120,158.
Dec 11, 2022

What is the highest paid nursing specialty in California? ›

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

According to the BLS, Nurse Anesthetists earn an impressive average salary* of approximately $206,000 per year or about $99 per hour. Among the highest-paying states for Nurse Anesthetists include: California (Average Salary: $246,510) Connecticut (Average Salary: $240,580)

Which state has the highest NP salary? ›

What state has the highest NP salary? According to the BLS, Nurse Practitioners in California earn the highest salary.

Where is nurse practitioner the most in demand? ›

Featured Online MSN Programs
State*Number of Jobs
1. New York21,870
2. California19,700
3. Texas16,430
4. Florida15,200
6 more rows

What is the highest salary for NP? ›

The best Nurse Practitioner jobs can pay up to $400,000 per year. Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) with additional responsibilities including prescribing medication, examining patients, diagnosing illnesses, and providing treatment, much as physicians do.

What is the lowest paying state for nurse practitioners? ›

The lowest-paying states are Tennessee ($95,120), Alabama ($102,410), South Carolina ($102,850), Missouri ($103,490), and West Virginia ($104,750). NP salaries vary significantly across the country. Western and northeastern states dominate this list of the best-paying NP salaries.

Are nurse practitioners in demand in California? ›

Additionally, California ranks second for NP employment with 12,740 practicing NPs. The outlook for nurse practitioners across California is strong.

What hospitals pay nurses the most in California? ›

Top companies for Registered Nurses in California
  • Adventist Health. 3.7 $82.99per hour. 356 reviews9 salaries reported.
  • Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. 4.2 $80.49per hour. ...
  • UCSF Medical Center. 4.1 $77.21per hour. ...
  • United Health Systems. 3.5 $77.16per hour. ...
  • MarinHealth. 3.5 $76.05per hour. ...
  • Show more companies.

Why is California nurse salary so high? ›

The high cost of living in California, in addition to the state's large population and demand for healthcare services, may contribute to the higher RN salaries in the state. According to the latest data, California is among the top 5 states with the highest cost of living index.

What is the highest-paying medical specialty in California? ›

Neurosurgery comes out on top, followed by thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery. The specialists with the highest pay didn't necessarily see the biggest bumps in growth in 2022.

Is California a good state for nurse practitioners? ›

5) California

That's more than $10,000 yearly, higher than the national average! And if you're still not convinced that California is the best state for nurse practitioners, consider this: there are an annual 1,390 job openings here—that's nearly double the national rate.

What is the salary of an NP in California? ›

The average Nurse Practitioner salary in California is $134,067 as of June 26, 2023, but the range typically falls between $124,405 and $145,646.

How much do nurse practitioners get paid near San Francisco Bay Area CA? ›

The average salary for a nurse practitioner in San Francisco, CA is $157,000 per year. Nurse practitioner salaries in San Francisco, CA can vary between $56,500 to $222,000 and depend on various factors, including skills, experience, employer, bonuses, tips, and more.

How much does an FNP get paid in LA? ›

Salaries by years of experience in Los Angeles, CA
Years of experiencePer year
Less than 1 year$117,793
1 to 2 years$141,510
3 to 5 years$143,303
6 to 9 years-
1 more row


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